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(Peoria, IL, April 13, 2023) – Every candidate running in the April 4th election that received a BizPAC of Central Illinois endorsement won a seat on the new Peoria City Council. This marks the second straight At-Large election where BizPAC endorsed candidates went undefeated. The endorsement and subsequent election of John Kelly, Kiran Velpula, and Zach Oyler ensures the businesses of Peoria will have representation on the Council..

BizPAC looks forward to working with these candidates and the other members of the City Council on improving the business climate in Peoria. Most pressing of all is addressing the significant structural budget problems plaguing the City which creates a great deal of uncertainty for any businesses looking to invest or expand in Peoria.

“The high spending and high taxes we have in Peoria have not led to prosperity for the businesses and individuals in Peoria. We need Councilmembers that are going to reduce taxes, not grow them. The growth we want is in jobs and opportunities for Peorians. We look forward to working with any City Council members that are willing and focused on reducing taxes in Peoria,” stated BizPAC President Chris Crawford.

The BizPAC Board is made up of a diverse group of Central Illinois business leaders who volunteer their time to monitor local government and hold elected officials accountable. The BizPAC Scorecard tracks City Council votes and scores elected officials on their ability to manage government spending and taxes on employers and citizens. The BizPAC is a government watchdog for the Peoria community.

“Since BizPAC’s inception, we have been good stewards of our donor funds. We have helped elect pro-business politicians, assisted in eliminating the parcel pension fee and other taxes, and continually pushed to right-size our local government. The vast majority of the contributions funding BizPAC go right back to candidates and causes that help the business community,” stated President Chris Crawford.



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