Promoting those
who promote business

BizPAC conducts a candidate survey in addition to personal 1 on 1 interviews in order to select those who most strongly support the local business community. Below are the questions contained in the survey.


  1. What are your top three priorities if elected or re-elected?
  2. For incumbents, what are your top three accomplishments on the Peoria City Council during your current term?
  3. What is the biggest business challenge facing your District and what do you propose to address it?
  4. How will the Caterpillar Corp office announcement impact your responsibilities in elected office?
  5. What is the biggest challenge facing the City and what do you propose to address it?
  6. What is your perspective on the use of incentives for business development? Please be specific on the types of incentives you would support or oppose and why. Why do some of these projects fail?
  7. What should the city do to address the disparity in income and employment discussed in the Wall Street 24/7 report?
  8. What is your position on the city water buyout?
  9. How should the city handle the EPA’s requirement to improve our combined sewer overflow system?
  10. How should the city prioritize and pay for road infrastructure projects: focus on new projects or repair existing roads?
  11. Please list three mistakes the City Council has made in the last four years.
  12. How can the city grow the tax base?
  13. What services would you propose to cut in order to lower city costs and balance the budget?
  14. Would you support raising the city sales tax in order to increase revenues?
  15. What new steps should the city take to lure businesses to Peoria?
  16. The PHA has discussed relocating residents of Taft homes. To do this the PHA would have to identify multiple locations. Where do you feel residents should be located?
  17. On a separate sheet of paper please tell us in 400 words or less why the business community should support your candidacy.

 What Our Endorsement Means to a Candidate

During the interview process, our endorsed candidates exhibited a commitment to helping improve business conditions here in Central Illinois. We are likewise committed to seeing them succeed in getting elected to office where we believe those candidates can make a big difference for the business community. Beginning immediately, an endorsed candidate may publicize their BizPAC endorsement.

What is BizPAC?

  • BizPAC is the premier independent, business-focused political action committee focusing on state and local races in the greater Peoria region.
  • BizPAC board members are local business owners and managers

What does the BizPAC endorsement mean?

  • BizPAC endorsed candidates have proven that they share the same pro-business vision as the local business community.
  • BizPAC invited each of the candidates in your race to interview. After an intensive interview process you stood out among the field as being committed to improving the business climate in Central Illinois.
  • Those candidates have a proven track record in community and civic engagement that is pro-business.
  • The policies they support help local businesses grow thereby improving employment prospects for this region’s workforce.
  • Candidates understand the challenges local businesses face and you are dedicated to improving the system so that we have business-friendly outcomes.
  • Candidates identify small business as the engine for economic and employment growth in our community and you want to provide solutions that enable small business to succeed.
  • Candidates are committed to addressing the structural deficits that create business uncertainty

How can the BizPAC help beyond a financial contribution?

  • The above talking points may assist them as they communicate the BizPAC endorsement on the campaign trail
  • Endorsed candidates may publicize the BizPAC endorsement on campaign literature and over social media.
  • BizPAC is willing to contribute approved quotes attributable to the BizPAC for campaign literature.
  • Members of the BizPAC may be willing to provide sign locations and send friend-of-friend letters out to the community.
  • BizPAC announces candidate endorsements by issuing a press release.
  • BizPAC members actively promote endorsed candidates in conversations with other business leaders and local citizens.

We feel the BizPAC endorsement is a helpful tool to use during your campaign. We are confident a pro-business approach and solutions will be well received by the business community. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us should you have any questions or requests.

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