Promoting those
who promote business

There is a significant part you can play in the future of our shared business environment through your support of our local and regional elected officials and representatives.

And that is by supporting and voting for those election candidates who support business and positive business initiatives. Business PAC of Central Illinois, BizPac, believes that good business equals good jobs.

We feel that finding and supporting those candidates that share our goals and helping them get elected will ensure our long-term success as a vibrant business community. BizPac takes the initiative to research and interview candidates personally to listen and hear their goals and plans if elected to office. We discuss each candidate to determine who we feel will best represent our business interests if elected. We then publicly support those candidates and present financial and campaign resources to them.

It is getting increasingly difficult to find quality people willing to run for an office as there are many professional and personal hurdles and sacrifices one must make to be a modern public elected official. BizPac is committed to finding, developing, supporting and publicizing local candidates that we feel best represent our common business interests.

BizPac is a premier independent, business-focused political action committee focusing on state and local races in the greater Peoria region.

BizPac board members are local business owners and managers.

We need your support. Both financially and at the voting booths. During the next few years, our local elections are going to be key to how we conduct future business in central Illinois and throughout the state. Please consider a financial contribution to BizPac. We are comprised of local business owners and managers that thoughtfully consider each local election and as a group conduct interviews with all candidates in the elections we feel there is necessary support. We receive funds from many companies already, and invest those wisely in supporting candidates that also believe in a vibrant and productive business environment. We will be in touch again communicating those candidates who we will be supporting in upcoming elections and ask for your voting support as well.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please contact any of us on the board and we would be more than happy to discuss our initiatives and plans personally with you. We appreciate your financial investment with us, and are counting on it.

We can make a local difference. Together.

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