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(Peoria, IL, March 2, 2023) – BizPAC of Central Illinois, a non-partisan political organization comprised of area businesses, has announced its slate of endorsements for the April 2023 Peoria City Council elections.

The endorsed candidates were interviewed by a diverse group of Central Illinois business leaders which make up the BizPAC Board of Directors and selected for having pro-growth governing principles.

The BizPAC endorsed the following Peoria County candidates:

  • Zach Oyler (At Large)
  • John Kelly (At Large)
  • Kiran Velpula (At Large)

β€œThe BizPAC endorsements reflect a careful consideration of all candidates who chose to participate in our interview process. The Peoria City Council will have to make difficult decisions necessary to balance our budgets and stop the population outflow from our city. These decisions are not easy or pleasant but they do address the real structural budget issues facing the City,” said BizPAC President Chris Crawford.

The endorsed candidates were those most capable of digging into the City financial statements and ensuring that necessary decisions are made to ensure no new taxes will need to be levied against the private sector which cannot bear another tax increase. The BizPAC is focused on electing the most qualified, pro-growth individuals regardless of political party. We are anxious for the City to address without any new taxes, our extreme budget issues that were not solved, but even grown with the covid funding the city received.



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