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(Peoria, IL, October 4, 2022) – BizPAC of Central Illinois opposes Amendment 1 on this fall’s Illinois ballot.

This anti-business and anti-job creation amendment to the Illinois Constitution would give the public sector labor unions that currently run the State yet more power and control over our government. Illinois already has the most restrictive labor laws in the country and this amendment would only make much-needed public union reforms even more difficult to achieve. Without a doubt, this amendment will lead to increased benefits for the public sector union members while increasing costs (taxes) for the citizens and businesses in Illinois.

Amendment 1 creates a new constitutional right for government workers (not private sector workers) to organize and collectively bargain. The Amendment greatly expands public union negotiating powers to include workers’ “economic welfare” and says bargaining rights can’t be diminished. Additionally, the Amendment prohibits Illinois from becoming a Right-to-Work state which means private sector Illinoisians must continue to join unions as a condition of employment at unionized businesses. In sum, Amendment 1 is a lengthy wishlist put on the ballot by public sector union bosses.

“Public sector union members in Illinois have the most favorable labor conditions in the United States,” states BizPAC President Chris Crawford. “There is simply no need for this Amendment and if it were to go into effect it would greatly reduce any chance of pension reform which is something nearly every municipality in Illinois has been desperately requesting from Springfield. Our communities are suffering financially under the burden of public sector pensions and this Amendment only ensures it will be even more difficult to reform the pension systems. Our government needs more flexibility to negotiate pension reform, not less.”

If Amendment 1 passes, it will be more reason for businesses to leave Illinois and take well-paying jobs with them. The increased taxes resulting from Amendment 1 would hinder job creators from expanding in Illinois which will negatively impact our tax base as well as private-sector labor unions.

Amendment 1 is up for a vote on every Illinois general election ballot. A “YES” vote on Amendment 1 will give public sector unions even more power and make future potential reforms unconstitutional. A “NO” vote on Amendment 1 will provide our government with more flexibility to reform our broken pension system.



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