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(Peoria, IL, March 18, 2021) – BizPAC of Central Illinois has endorsed Stephen Morris to be the next Treasurer for the City of Peoria.

Stephen earned the endorsement after a review process conducted by the BizPAC’s volunteer Board of Directors comprised of Central Illinois business leaders which found him to be the most qualified for the job. Stephen brings years of experience serving the Peoria community on a variety of community organizations as well as experience being a local business owner himself.

“Steve will bring a fresh set of eyes to looking at some of the financial problems that have been holding our community back for years. He vowed during the BizPAC review process to really shine a light on the issues facing our finances and to work to educate the public about the daunting challenges ahead. It is only when we fully grasp the severity of the situation at City Hall that the community will be willing to make the tough sacrifices necessary to put the City on better financial footing,” said BizPAC President Sean Garrett. “With Steve Morris’ leadership in the Treasurer’s Office, Peoria can begin to make moves to improve our financial position.”

Stephen Morris is a Partner at the law firm of Habacker, Morris & Dluski and has demonstrated a commitment to the Peoria community by serving on a number of local boards. As a successful attorney, Stephen has promised to return his salary to the City and not accept other benefits, saving the City approximately $125,000 per year. He will bring a fresh perspective to the office and look for additional cost savings opportunities in the office and across the City.

The City Treasurer is responsible for the administration and management of the collection, verification, depositing and recording of all taxes, fines and fees due the city. The Treasurer’s office works closely with City departments in implementing interfaces between cash collections and application programs for all revenue due the City. The City contracts with a private, third-party accounting firm to conduct regular audits of the City financials.



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