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(Peoria, IL, March 23, 2021) – The Business PAC (BizPAC) of Central Illinois strongly recommends a NO vote on the Public Safety Pension Fee referendums on the April ballot.

It is critical for voters to understand that NO votes will not impact the pension promised to our local police and fire employees. A vote NO will instead require that the City balance its budget without relying on further increases to our property taxes which are literally the highest in the country. It will force our City Council to make necessary cuts to wasteful spending and pet projects instead of demanding our taxpayers and businesses fork over yet more in taxes when so many are currently struggling due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Businesses in the City of Peoria are at a massive disadvantage in the national and global economy due to higher operating expenditures as a result of our abnormal tax burden. This kills jobs and drives down the wages businesses can afford to pay their employees. Raising taxes on Peoria businesses and families has not lead to increased prosperity. It has driven our small businesses out of state and led to population decline. We must stop this trend and that starts with voting NO on increasing property taxes. Vote NO on the Public Safety Pension referendum.

“Peoria is an amazing City and our businesses and citizens are the lifeblood of our community. Our government should be looking for ways to help our citizens and businesses. A tax increase will not help anyone in our City. It is high time we stop raising taxes and start cutting wasteful spending,” said City-resident and BizPAC Chairman Sean Garrett.

BizPAC is the premier independent, business-focused political action committee focusing on state and local races in the greater Peoria region. The group endorses candidates that have proven they share the same pro-business vision as the local business community and encourages citizens to vote for those candidates to ensure a strong and vibrant business climate that is pro-jobs. BizPAC board members are local business owners and managers.



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