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(Peoria, IL, February 10, 2021) – BizPAC of Central Illinois has announced its endorsement of area entrepreneur and community volunteer Sid Ruckriegel to be the next Mayor of Peoria.

BizPAC is a diverse and non-partisan political organization comprised of Central Illinois business leaders volunteering their time to make Peoria more business friendly and grow the number of jobs in our community. Sid Ruckriegel’s BizPAC endorsement comes after a thorough review of mayoral candidate questionnaires and interviews.

“Sid has a positive vision for Peoria as well as a track record of driving change in our community. He is an experienced businessman and job creator but also a dedicated volunteer and public servant. Many in the community know Sid from his years of community service even before he was in elected office. He has been dedicated to improving our community for a long time,” said BizPAC President Sean Garrett. “Since joining the Peoria City Council he has consistently challenged the status quo and brought fresh solutions to old problems. Sid Ruckriegel is the leader we need right now. He can unify the City around his compelling vision for the future and has the experience to deliver real results for our residents and businesses.”

Sid Ruckriegel has the highest score on the BizPAC Scorecard of any mayoral candidate running. Sid always responds to businesses contacting him and knows the issues businesses face as a business owner himself. He has experience in working with different municipalities where his own businesses are located and can use those experiences to improve the business climate at City Hall.

Sid will implement a long-term plan to increase the number of jobs in our community and drive wages higher. He will help our small businesses recover from COVID-19 and put us in position to capitalize on the changes brought about by the pandemic. Peorians have a great quality of life and an affordable real estate market which makes it an ideal landing spot for people fleeing larger cities like Chicago. Sid will put us in a position to stop our population decline and orient us towards a future of growth and prosperity by presenting a vision everyone in Peoria can rally behind.



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