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Dear Members of the City Council:

BizPAC of Central Illinois supports having a referendum on a Police Pension Tax and a Fire Pension Tax on the spring ballot. 

We believe hearing from the voters on this issue can help the City Council make difficult decisions next year which unfortunately will need to occur due to the financial condition of our City like so many others in Illinois.  On occasion there is need to understand how constituents feel about major issues and this seems to be an opportune time to poll the citizens on where the stand regarding increasing taxes versus cutting spending.  If the Council votes to place a referendum on the ballot, the business community recommends splitting the question and determining the appetite for both a Fire Pension Tax as well as a Police Pension Tax.  We believe the Council will learn valuable information by placing this referendum on the ballot.

Thank you for your service on the Council and for considering the business community’s position on this item.


BizPAC Board of Directors

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