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BizPAC Position Statement on State Grocery Tax

(Peoria, IL, April 18, 2024) – Governor Pritzker has proposed a permanent sales tax cut on groceries in the State budget to provide crucial relief for Illinois families and businesses. BizPAC strongly encourages the Peoria City Council to support this measure and refrain from imposing new taxes.

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Should the City of Peoria Purchase the Water Company?

(Peoria, IL, July 7, 2023) – The Business PAC of Central Illinois (“BizPAC”) is comprised of businesses located in the Greater Peoria area and we advocate on behalf of our membership. Like you, we are committed to the future of the City of Peoria. Like you, we are invested in determining whether acquiring the water company might be beneficial to the citizens and businesses of Peoria. We appreciate that the council has wisely invested in doing some initial due diligence into the potential purchase of the water company.

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BizPAC Endorsed Candidates All Successful in Recent City Council Election

(Peoria, IL, April 13, 2023) – Every candidate running in the April 4th election that received a BizPAC of Central Illinois endorsement won a seat on the new Peoria City Council. This marks the second straight At-Large election where BizPAC endorsed candidates went undefeated. The endorsement and subsequent election of John Kelly, Kiran Velpula, and Zach Oyler ensures the businesses of Peoria will have representation on the Council..

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BizPAC conducts a candidate survey in addition to personal 1 on 1 interviews in order to select those who most strongly support the local business community.



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Score Card

Percentage of votes correlating with BizPAC recommendations.

  BizPAC Score
Zach Oyler(Council At-Large) 100%
Denis Cyr(5th District) 100%
Sid Ruckriegel(Council At-Large) 90%
John Kelly(Council At-Large) 83%
Timothy Riggenbach(3rd District) 69%
Elizabeth Jensen(Council At-Large) 52%
Check Grayeb(2nd District) 28%
Kiran Velpula(At-Large) 0%
Andre Allen(4th District) 0%
Denise Jackson(1st District) 0%
Rita Ali(Mayor) 0%